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It’s weekend. Less play, more torture. Eat this, eat that. Ugh! I know you grown-ups like weekends but we, who go to day-care, do not like them. We need our space. I have made peace with the fact that I do not get that space nor can I expect that from you. Is it too much to expect?

My typical Day on weekends.

Get up. (It is supposed to be ” Get up lazily but I am not allowed to do that”)

Brush. (Helloooo. This is weekend. Why should I brush?)
Shower (Weekend, I do not need my shower)
Eat (I have my own view about eating.)
Yes, I run here and there after that (Okay I get it! I run even during eating) but that’s called digesting and helps me maintain my health.

Get up (not lazily, mind you!)
Eat (I have my own view about eating.)
Sleep (Saturday over)

And it starts all over again. Same cycle. Do you see something important missing in all of this? Yes. There is no “play” there.

It’s just eat this and eat that.
Running helter-skelter is not considered a play-time at my home. I would like to tell my folks that it is considered doing something busy by our toddler groups. Don’t you walk or run for your meetings? Answer me and you shall have your answer. I am pretty sure there will not be an answer.