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Thanks for your support so far, however less it is. I believe that in this journey of mine every bit of support counts. I am not speaking just for myself but for very toddler, for every first-born and for every kid who has two names. Yeah! Go ahead and smile and mock at me. I have two names. I know that it is not news for you but for me it is huge. It is too much pressure for me to handle. Imagine a kid who has limited vocabulary and is just learning to understand very few words but you expect him or her to turn, leave everything and respond to you whenever you call him by whichever name you feel like. I need fewer words to concentrate on rather than learning 2,000 words for nothing. I think it is a revenge by my dad to get back at his mom.
You all know he has a funny name. I think it is not even a name. So he gave me a nickname or pet name as they call it in India. Oh wait a minute! Dad I am not a pet. I am your daughter. So you had better call me formally and do not expect me to respond when you call me with my

pet name

Yawn. Feeling too sleepy. I got up at 7:00 and when they gave me milk to drink this morning, I just frustrated them

by taking an hour to drink a glass of milk. I just didn’t feel like and wanted my space. Mom and dad were after me to finish off the milk. I think I will leave this topic for now and revisit it later. Dora is calling me and I want to sleep. YAWN!

Why do Girls rule and what does it do to us.



This is my first blog post. Girls rule this household and this world. Why is it a surprise and why should this fact be highlighted? Well, the fact of the matter is there were no girls on dad’s side and I am the first girl in this family. It is too much of a pressure! When you are apple of everyone’s eye and when everyone watches your footsteps, you have to be careful. So far, so good but the pressure sometime gets you.

Some of the things need to be highlighted:-

  • Uncles and aunts get dresses and expect you to take snaps and share it with them. In a day when there are 24 hours of which 15 hours have to be spent sleeping, it takes too much of my precious time
  • Grannies and Grampas expect you to speak on the phone whenever they call you up. I can not choose the time and it’s only when they call I need to speak. Come on. I have my play time and sometimes I am quite busy reading books and tearing them
  • People expect you to speak in English. OMG! How do I tell them – while in Tamilnadu do what Tamilians do and that’s how I know English. My BFFs speak English so what is so cute in that. I want to learn speaking Hindi and Telugu. That’s CUTE.

By the way, I agree that the things I mentioned above are not exclusive to us girls but it adds an extra pressure when you are a girl in the family of sons and vice versa. So let me continue with the list before dad starts saying “drink the milk”. I tell you he overdoes it sometimes and so everybody should tell him. It is like this. He does not like cheese. What if I go and scream into his ears “eat daddy eat”! Anyway let’s get on with it.

  • Mom thinks that I should watch Kardashians with her just because I am a girl. I would rather watch football with my dad and to my dear discerning fellow Indians, I mean American Football and I love it absolutely. Dad takes me with him to watch and while he watches I mess up the whole floor with tissues and my baby stuff. He thinks I am enjoying football with him and this way both of us get sometime away from mom.
  • And last but not the least, dad thinks I look like him and keeps smiling thinking that. To all the dads of girls, we are girls and we do not look like you and can not look like you. Sorry to break your heart but dad – we do not want to look like you
  • Ok I think it is enough for today. Time to grab my Dora and catch on my beauty sleep. Ciao!