Monthly Archives: April 2013

Thank you very much for the bottom of our heart


We made it. We (yes, my little sis is a toddler too), made our dad represent the whole family for walk today and he did well too. He walked 5 miles but he has not lost a single pound and I seriously do not know how he does it. How he can not lose a single pound even after walking for 5 mi? Anyway, we can talk about it later.

             Thanks to all you. You made it happen. Yours thoughts and donation helped us reach the goal (it was an ever moving goal post due to huge demand) faster in just 3 days. We (mom, dad, my little sis and I) are really indebted to all of you. For listening to us, for making it happen.

Dad walked ( It was more like mom made him walk). He was saying that there were people whose kids weighed 1.5 pounds. He said when they were trying to warm up for the walk he was already cooling down. That is what would happen when you turn up for a walk 2 hours early. When you wake us up before 5:30 am for your ( I mean our) walk. At one point, when he could not do more, the only thing that kept him going was your belief and trust in him (I know you mean us. He always thinks the world revolves around him!) and the famous adage

    Quitters never quit, Winners never win! 

At this point, I did not have the strength to correct him and inform him that it is actually Quitters never win and winners never quit. It does not matter what he thinks. He finished the 5 mi walk and you inspired him. All of you who listened to us, who read our mails, who picked our phones. You are one of us. You make the world better. You walked along with him and you made it happen. Thanks again and thanks for making this world a better place a step at a time.

                  And I forgot about my sis. My little sis is not a premie any more. She is more like my competitor. She snatches everything from my hands. I am expected to share everything with her while she is expected to take everything from me. Please ask her to share things with me and please do not ask me to share things with her. 

Thanks again for listening to me, reading this and thank you for everything.