Monthly Archives: May 2012

Appreciate US Please


My Aunt (my mom’s sis) called us the other day, squealing in delight.

It seems my cousin was about to be started on solids. Yeah! We did it, we did it (Dora Style 😉 ) Congrats to my cousin on reaching this milestone.

But dear Aunt – Chill. Take a deep breath and relax. I do not want to dampen your spirits but did you know that I have already moved on to chicken? I have travelled that path and crossed that bridge eons ago. Alas, no one publicized. I should have started my diary by then. No one appreciated it then and no one appreciates it now. Remember, eating does not count and it is only the thought that counts. Believe me I always think about food and eating it. I am quite good at it and only if you folks can appreciate it, the world would be a much better for us toddlers! Signing off in frustration at you folks but with happiness for my cousin who is on to solids already. It portends that he will be joining me on this blog very soon.