I was doing face-time the other day with my cousin (my dad’s brother’s son). By the way, for me face time is when I look at my face in the mirror. I do not know why late Mr. Jobs had to take that term away from me. Anyway, my sweet and cute cousin had his head tonsured. This is a common ritual and it is supposed to be a milestone after the arrival into this cruel and materialistic world of yours

He was like this before


He is like this now


Okay maybe not exactly like the image above but close enough. You get the picture (pun intended!)?

I was also subjected to this years ago when I was young ( I am still YOUNG unlike you guys, mind you!). My folks expected me to smile while I was parted from my beloved first hair. I obliged. You know what I received after that?

An iPad? – No
An iPhone? – No
Dora? – No
Cookie Monster? – No
Lollipop? – No
All I got was a lousy shirt saying – guess what?
” My dad is the best the world”. 
God, these people!

I do not know why grown-ups subject us to this cruelty. Let me explain to you in your terms so that you can understand. 
When you work or mingle with people, you establish an image of yourself. People relate you with that image. They know you by the way you talk, the way you speak, the promises you keep, the promises you do not keep, the money you spend, the money you throw away. We toddlers on the other hand are known by our babble, “oohhh aaah”, “crying”, “smiles”,dresses saying I love my daddy and last but not the least by our hair. Once you take it away without our permission, how do you expect us to smile through that ordeal? Imagine someone taking your money away from you, your iPhone away from you, your Android away from you and try to relate to what we go through. After you understand our pain, I hope you can just treat us with RESPECT.

Signing off 

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  1. I would just like to point out that I went through the same feelings. Thanks Sis, for telling the world about it – Your Cousin

    p.s-Of the 2 pics,the 2nd is more accurate. ( I had longer hair than the one in the 1st pic)

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