My Task Status today


1. Wake up with a smile – Done
2. Hug Dora – Done
3. Blah Blah Babble – Done
4. Climb up and down – Done
5. Use Elmo Brush and swallow Elmo toothpaste – Done
Similar to this

The above picture is not that of mine but to a certain extent all toddlers have the same innocence. Trust me I know.
6. Run here and there when daddy tries to Brush my teeth – Done
7. To Drink milk or not to drink milk : Shakespearean Question – Done
8. Get ready to see my friends at school and give my folks some relief. Note: We toddlers are generally very caring no matter what the research says.
9. Go in mommy’s car. It’s time dad gets his car cleaned. Dad there is something called Trash can and I am taught to throw trash there not in your car.
I am really getting confused now. Where should I throw my trash, mommy? Something like this would work wonders for his car
10. Play play , no food. Sleep, play – Done
11. Come back home, no food, tear books( what we call reading looks tearing books to you. You folks should remember one thing – you won’t appreciate Spring if there is no Winter. Ergo, to appreciate books truly you need to tear them and lose them!) . By the way, who needs books when you have iPad?- Done
12. Wonder why iPad looks like a weighing machine and why daddy gives me this look
when I try to weigh myself on the iPad? – Done.
It is not my fault that iPad looks like a weighing machine. Ask late Jobs as he is the one who should be blamed.

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  1. Good Gullu akka, looks like u had a long day.
    My day was simple, except dat mom feed me something new. Was not bad actually. How s Jills doing. Pinch her on her Dikki on my behalf. Ok guys got to go.. Tata……

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