Eventful Events


Today was quite eventful. There was a big earthquake in Indonesia following which there was a Tsunami alert. There was report of minimal damage and thank God everything was fine. Infact, I should take back some of the words and say the day was very uneventful. Many of my friends and people here did not even bother about Earthquake but we panicked. I tried to make sure that my Dora was next to me and is indeed a friend. So what actually made the day more eventful was the following:


Yes! Voila! Dad got me Elmo toothpaste. It was like a God’s gift for me. Choo!Choo! Train toothpaste please do not feel bad. I love you too but change is the only thing that is constant. I will come back to you when my dad can find you in the Target Aisle. Mom keeps telling him but he keeps forgetting where to find the toddler or kid’s toothpaste. Poor soul. He says he searched for it but no one is ready to believe him. What do I care? I have my Elmo Toothpaste and toothbrush. Many more happy mornings and more "no-milk" days! Yes I know. I will get back to the milk story later, Gotta sleep. Beauty sleep and Dora Beckons me. YAWN! Good Night and take care everyone

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  1. Hi Sis, this is Bittu……..so nice to catch-up with you here. For a change, I get to see something other than mom and dad. I don’t think I am ready for tooth paste, but I like the Elmo picture and I already know what to do with it………..
    About the earthquake, don’t know about people in Indonesia, but my mom looked concerned and I had rise to the occasion and console her……..heard everything is fine now………ok sis, gottu go…….I think I need to buzz room service………”Ouin Wah Ung-eh, Ung-eh……..”

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